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Do You Really Need All Those Channels?

When was the last time you look at your cable or internet bill? It is one of the most overlooked monthly bill since we get used to paying for it automatically. In this blog, I am trying to remind you that your cable TV bill could be a black hole for your money.

We are now living in digital generation. Almost everything can be done online and therefore there are more and more things that pass through our minds daily. Cable bill is probably one of the many that we don’t really care as long as you know the ballpark amount does not change. It’s the same every month. But, how many of you actually make the time to sit down and look through whether you need all that channels?

I cancelled my cable TV a long time ago for two main reasons:

  • I got so busy with my children that I don’t even have time to watch any shows. (It was even funnier that I got offered with DVR, Roku, whatever it is to record the missed TV shows, that I will never have the to watch anyway!).
  • When I actually have the time to sit down to watch TV, I only watch 2-3 channels. The rest of the channels that I am paying for every month are useless for me.

Cancelling the cable saved me about $80 a month which I can use towards other expenses. I also decided to invest about $100 for a really good long range TV antenna which allows me to get about 60 channels for free.

These long range outdoor antennas are worth the investment.

Additionally, I enjoy watching movies rather than tv shows. So, I also subscribe to Netflix which is shared with a friend. The cost of this is less than $10 which is a fraction of the entire cable bill.Cancelling the cable TV was one of the best decision I made in terms of budgeting purposes. The money could really be used for something more important such as paying down debts!.

So, let’s all take a moment to review your monthly bills. Although this blog post is about cable TV, the idea of regularly reviewing your bills for other things applies. See if it’s worth paying? See if you REALLY need it? Can you compromise? Ask yourself these questions and you will know what to do.

I hope this blog post can be a good reminder for us to wisely manage our finances. If you have any questions or comments, please leave it at the section below. Thanks!

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